Decided to revamp my old links pages one at a time and decided to work on this page first because I'm getting back into fanfiction writing. :x Hopefully some of these links will help some other viewers out with their creative writing!

Creative Writing Personal Websites


The Marginalian


Rainstorms in July

The Satyrs' Forest


Multiple Authors

The Creative Independant

Maudlin House

Pithead Chapel

Archive of retro web zines and newsletters.

Usenet Archives

The Wanderer's Library

Websites Focusing on Writing

Advanced Fiction Writing

All the Tropes

Caro Clarke

Creative Writing Now

Daniel Arenson



The Editor's Blog



Holly Lisle

Mithril and Mages


Reference for Writers

Seventh Sanctum

Slithering Ink


Story Dynamics

Writer's Digest

The Writer's Helpers

The Writing Realm

Writers Write

Writing World

Downloadable Programs / Editors

All of these are for Windows.


Very bare bones but it's great if that's all you need.


Quoll Writer

I've used this in the past and it's very close to Scrivener in its features. However, all of the fonts would should up blurry. Google searching pointed the problem towards certain kinds of monitors causing this, I guess?? But, yeah, just a heads up.


goddamn i can NEVER EVER spell "scrivener" correctly What I'm currently using for writing. Lots and lots of useful features and customization options. There's a very generous trial period of 30 days and then it's $60 for the full version. I would absolutely look online for any discount codes before buying it. You also get a code for participating in NaNoWriMo but since I don't plan on doing that I don't know the details.

SmartEdit Writer



Online Writing Editors

Google Docs

If I wasn't using Scrivener, I would revert back to using good ol' Google Docs.

A distraction free website to write in.

Writing Generators

Accidental Character Generator

Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator

Chaotic Shiny

Character Generator

Character Traits

More generators at the top of the page.


Dungeons and Dragons Character Generator

Fantasy Name Generators

Generator Masterlist

Name Generator

OTP Prompt Generator (semi NSFW)

OTP Prompts

Picrew Character Prompt

Random Character Generator


Short Story Ideas


Warpcore SF

Who the Fuck is My DND Character?

Writing Exercises

Character Naming

350+ Evil Girl Names For Demon Babies

Behind the Name

The Internet Surname Database

Name Nerds!

Popular Baby Names

Thought Catalog's Names Database

Writing Tips

25 Steps To Edit The Unmerciful Suck Out Of Your Story

7 Deadly Sins of Worldbuilding

45 Ways To Avoid Using The Word 'Very'

55 Words to Describe Someone's Voice

106 Ways to Describe Sounds

140 Words to Describe Mood in Fiction

155 Words to Describe an Author's Tone

550+ Alternative Words for "Said"

A List of Body Language Phrases

A Small List of Trigger Warnings

An Extensive Guide to Writing a Story and Characters

Cheat Sheets for Writing Body Language

Ezn's Guide

How Can You Know What Belongs in Your Book?

How Do You Develop the Ability to Tell a Good Story?

How to Create a Strong Voice in Your Writing

How to Avoid or Fix Repetitive Sentance and Paragraph Structure in Your Writing

How to Rewrite

How to Write a Novel

Improving Dialogue: Eliminate Exposition

Learn How to Rewrite Your Story in the Third Person With This Exercise

List of Adjectives to Describe Someone's Feelings, Emotions and Tone

Master List of Facial Expressions

Master List of Physical Descriptions

Master List of Words to Describe Voices

One Page Plotting

Small List of Writing Hacks

TV Tropes - So You Want to...

Guidelines for various writing topics.

World Building - Creating Land

Words to Describe Someone's Voice

Words to Replace 'Said'

Writing in the Third Person

Writing Research - The 1960's

Writing Research - The 1990's

Writing Tips - About Fanfiction

50 Tips for Fanfic Writing

/r/Fanfiction FAQ

Essential Tips for First-Time Fanfiction Writers

TV Tropes - So You Want to Write a Fanfic?

Types of Short Fics

Writing Fanfiction for a Small Fandom

Writers for Tiny Fandoms, How Do You Encourage Readers to Read Your Work?

Writing Tips - Character Based

"Does My Character Work Okay?" - How To Tell For Yourself!

39 Villain Motivations

50 Things You Should Ask Your Character Before You Start Writing

123 Ideas For Character Flaws

350 Character Traits

638 Primary Personality Traits

Ash's Guide to RPG Personality and Background

Character Chart for Fiction Writers

Character Development Through Hobbies

Character Development Worksheet / Character Development Worksheet for Medieval and Fantasy Characters

Character Mannerisms

Creating Fantasy Characters

How to Create Bitchy Characters

How to Write a Compulsive Gambler

How to Write a Drunk Character

How to Write an Emotionally Detached Character

How to Write a Healthy Relationship

On Writing Children

Positive Character Traits

Resources for Writing Deaf, Mute or Blind Characters

Tips for Writing Mythical Creatures

Top 10 Questions for Creating Believable Characters

Writing a Character That Has OCD

Writing Character Voice

Writing Effective Character Breakdowns

Your Character's Personality

Writing Tips - Genre and Scene Based

25 Things You Should Know About Writing Fantasy

Claire's Historical Fashion Reference & Resources

Cyberpunk Glossary

Fantasy Writing Tips

Oldcook: Medieval Gastronomy

Removing the Mystery From Mystery Writing: 13 Tricks Used by Acclaimed Novelists

Southern Colloquialisms To Enrage ESL Bloggers

Things About Death, Dying, & Murder Writers Need To Know

Things Your Fantasy or Science Fiction Story Needs

Zombie Apocalypse Advice

Writing Tips - R-18+ Scenes

The links below are obviously NSFW but in text only.

50 Incredibly Written Sex Scenes in Books

ngl some of these are FUCKING AWFUL (pun intended)

Bad Sex Scenes Cliches Bingo Card

How to Write a Kiss Scene

How to Write a Sex Scene

Writing Smut

Writing Tips - Prompts

102 One Word Writing Prompts

Creative Writing Prompts

Drabble Prompt Words

Fanfiction Prompts

One Word Prompts

Writing Tips - Productivity and Overcoming Anxiety About Writing

10 Ways to Avoid Writing Insecurity

99 Ways to Beat Writer's Block

Have You Ever Had 'Fanfic Shame'?

How Can I Stop Feeling So 'Cringe' When it Comes to Writing Fanfiction?

I Gave Myself Permission to Write Poorly

Other Writing Resources and References

#writing resources

Tag on my tumblr.

50+ Fashion Terms: Fundamental Words Related to Style

204 Words that Describe Colours

#useful links - donutsweeper on Dreamwidth

A Writer's Responsiblity

Aesthetic Words Lists #1 / #2

Castle Teminology

Creative Writing Masterpost


Historical Medical Terms

How to Fight Write

Internet Slang Dictionary

Latin Proverbs

Let's Get Fictional - FAQ

List of Research Resources

Literary Genres, Modes and Styles

Masterpost - averycutemayor

Masterpost - creativepromptsforwriting

Masterpost - thecaffienebookwarrior

Online Etymonlogy Dictionary

The Phrontistery

Rhyme Zone

Tip of My Tongue

Who Pays Writers?

Reviews of websites that will pay you for writing articles and such.

Word of the Hour

Word Counter

Word Hippo

wordsnstuffblog's Writing Resource Masterlist

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