Mostly links focusing on improving your writing skills for now.

Literature Websites
Always Judge a Book By Its Cover
A Book like Foo
Karl's Book Blog
What I use for a Goodreads alternative.
Liminal Librarian
Project Gutenberg / Project Gutenberg Australia
Standard eBooks
The Storygraph
Story Dynamics
My favorite website to buy books from.
What Should I Read Next?

Read Literature Online
35 Best Short Horror Stories
Classic Short Stories
Forgotten Books
The Internet Classics Archive
Mostly nonfiction longform articles.
Open Library
Pithead Chapel
Fiction and nonfiction short stories, also poetry.

Mythology and Folklore Native American Legends Page
Greek Mythology
Focuses on various women in greek mythology.
Sacred Texts
THEOI Greek Mythology
Whispering Books

Creative Writing Personal Websites
Rainstorms in July
The Satyrs' Forest
SoftAnneLee's Random Memory Access

Websites Focusing on Writing
Advanced Fiction Writing
All the Tropes
Charlotte Dillon
Caro Clarke
Creative Writing Now
Daniel Arenson
The Editor's Blog
Holly Lisle
How to Fight Write
Reference for Writers
Seventh Sanctum
Slithering Ink
Try to Get Writing
Writer's Digest
The Writer's Helpers
The Writing Realm
Writers Write
Writing World

Downloadable Programs
SmartEdit Writer

Writing Generators and Tools
Chaotic Shiny
Character Generator
Character Traits
More generators at the top of the page.
Dungeons and Dragons Character Generator
Fantasy Name Generators
Generator Land
Name Generator
OTP Prompt Generator
OTP Prompts
Picrew Character Prompt
Random Character Generator
Short Story Ideas
Warpcore SF
Who the Fuck is My DND Character?
Writing Exercises
A distraction free website to write in.

Character Naming
Behind the Name
The Internet Surname Database
Name Nerds!
Popular Baby Names
Thought Catalog's Names Database

Writing Tips
25 Steps To Edit The Unmerciful Suck Out Of Your Story
7 Deadly Sins of Worldbuilding
45 Ways To Avoid Using The Word 'Very'
55 Words to Describe Someone's Voice
A List of Body Language Phrases
A Small List of Trigger Warnings
How Can You Know What Belongs in Your Book?
How Do You Develop the Ability to Tell a Good Story?
How to Rewrite
How to Write a Novel
One Page Plotting
Things About Death, Dying, & Murder Writers Need To Know
TV Tropes - So You Want to...
Guidelines for various writing topics.
Words to Describe Someone's Voice
Words to Replace 'Said'
Writing Believable Dialogue
Writing in the Third Person
Writing Research - The 1960's
Writing Research - The 1990's

Writing Tips - About Fanfiction
50 Tips for Fanfic Writing
/r/Fanfiction FAQ
Essential Tips for First-Time Fanfiction Writers
TV Tropes - So You Want to Write a Fanfic?
Writing Fanfiction for a Small Fandom
Writers for Tiny Fandoms, How Do You Encourage Readers to Read Your Work?

Writing Tips - Character Based
"Does My Character Work Okay?" - How To Tell For Yourself!
39 Villain Motivations
50 Things You Should Ask Your Character Before You Start Writing
123 Ideas For Character Flaws
638 Primary Personality Traits
Character Chart for Fiction Writers
Character Development Worksheet / Character Development Worksheet for Medieval and Fantasy Characters
Character Mannerisms
How to Write a Compulsive Gambler
How to Write an Emotionally Detached Character
On Writing Children
Positive Character Traits
Resources for Writing Deaf, Mute or Blind Characters
Tips for Writing Mythical Creatures
Top 10 Questions for Creating Believable Characters
Writing a Character That Has OCD
Writing Character Voice
Writing Effective Character Breakdowns
Your Character's Personality

Writing Tips - Genre Based
25 Things You Should Know About Writing Fantasy
Cyberpunk Glossary
Removing the Mystery From Mystery Writing: 13 Tricks Used by Acclaimed Novelists
Things Your Fantasy or Science Fiction Story Needs
Writing Smut (NSFW text, obviously.)
Zombie Apocalypse Advice

Writing Tips - Productivity and Overcoming Anxiety About Writing
10 Ways to Avoid Writing Insecurity
99 Ways to Beat Writer's Block
I Gave Myself Permission to Write Poorly

Other Writing Resources and References
#writing resources
Tag on my tumblr.
A Writer's Responsiblity
Creative Writing Masterpost
Havocscope - Information About the Black Market
Historical Medical Terms
Internet Slang Dictionary
Online Etymonlogy Dictionary
The Phrontistery
Rhyme Zone
Tip of My Tongue
Who Pays Writers?
Reviews of websites that will pay you for writing articles and such.
Word of the Hour
Word Counter
Word Hippo
wordsnstuffblog's Writing Resource Masterlist

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