I don't use tumblr for blogging personal entries so, yeah, here I go.

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dang i didn't realize that my last entry was more than a month ago

(scroll down to the image below if you're not interested in me whining about my personal problems)

Life's been (extra) stressful as of late. I don't want to go into too many details, but my father's house - where I unfortinately live at the moment - has a sheriff's sale coming up on the 6th of September. As soon as I got the notice from the sheriff in June, I've been busting my ass trying to get this resolved. Used the two month extension, tried to get the local elder care services involved and got hung up on when I did speak with someone, my father went to physical rehab for a month and to the hospital multiple times after that, and that's not even the half of it.

My search for finding a new place to live for just myself and my cat has been unsucessful, of course, and it's mostly due to my fear of driving. There's quite a few nice places up in Camdem County, which is adjacent to Philly where my sister lives, and if I didn't have this fucking fear I would most likely be closer to her right now. Distance wise, I mean. Her and my half-brother are pretty much the only family that I have besides my father, who I have a VERY... well, bad relationship with. Again, not going to go into details, but I will say that it's because he's been a gigantic jackass and a narcissist all my life. And NOW he's a gigantic jackass and a narcissist with weak leg muscles and awful memory. (Not dementia, though, the hospital does a good job of screening him for dementia and alzheimer's and I've never been told that he has either.) I'm the only family he has left and my cat and I have nowhere else to go, so we're stuck. It's fine most of the time because he stays in his room and Big Frank (... that's my cat's name) and I stay in my room.

To put things into perspective a bit, I watched a lot of Breaking Bad clips before watching Better Call Saul and Walter White's controlling behavior reminds me so much of my father that I'll probably never actually watch the show. Uh, but my father doesn't make meth.

Anyway, after the low income NJ legal services team basically dismissed us by telling us that getting a bankruptcy lawyer is our only shot at saving the house, I got in touch with my father's lawyer and did as much as I could by myself. Sent out the paperwork on Thursday, heard nothing all weekend. My father went to the hospital Saturday because he "couldn't walk", even though he could. He's still there and when I called him this morning to see if he's coming home he didn't have a clue as to why he was there and wanted to talk to my sister. You know, my sister. ... that he disowned. They haven't spoken since her wedding which was about five years ago. She pretty much had enough of him treating her like, well, he treats me and cut him out of her life. Good for her.

THEN I called the lawyer and he told me that he got the paperwork and to contact one of his assistants. I told him that my father is in the hospital and thanked him for his time. And you know what he said to me before he hung up? "Well, just hurry up and get it done. Have a good day."

... so I started to type this up in order to calm myself down and it worked I guess? BUT THE FUCKING AUDACITY, MAN. I'VE BEEN GETTING IT DONE. SHITTING SHIT, IF IT WASN'T FOR ME RUNNING AROUND LIKE A CHICKEN WITH ITS HEAD CUT OFF TRYING TO FIX THIS SHERIFF'S SALE MY FATHER WOULD BE OUT ON THE STREETS. No one, not even my father, deserves to be kicked out of their own house when they're in such a bad mental and physical state that you can't even remember that one of your daughters hasn't spoken to you in years.

I guess that's why my father has him as his lawyer, they're both fucking jerks.

But it seems like his assistant will be the one to call me (soon?) and after the phone meeting is done they can finally declare my father has Chapter 13 bankrupcy. Ooops, I probably should've mentioned that earlier. So in New Jersey - not sure about the rest of America - if your house is going up for sheriff's sale/foreclosure you can declare Chapter 13 bankrupcy, get on a modified payment plan for your mortgage and lawyer's fees and still be able to stay in your house. Since the house is in my father's name, I'm listed as a tenant and can only do so much. And yes, I do pay rent but it varies month to month. What I do pay in rent is MUCH LESS than any place that I can find to live in my area.

Ugh, ugh, ugh! Enough about that subject! I'm tired of thinking about men with personalities that resemble dog shit, so, uh, let me ramble about my thoughts about MK1. SPOILERS AHEAD - mostly for the content that has been released, although I do talk about some leaks/rumors.


Man, the more that comes out about this time, the more 'meh' I get about it. Not for the gameplay - the single player board mode (Invasions?) looks really fun - but for the story and lore building. I STILL THINK THAT THE BAD ENDING OF AFTERMATH WOULD'VE BEEN A REALLY COOL CONCEPT TO WORK AROUND. But I'm glad some of the 3D era characters are back, Havik and Ashrah in particular. Li Mei too, she would've been so great as a DLC character for MKX. Naturally, I couldn't care less about the three DLC characters from other franchises. As it's always been. Okay, Spawn and Joker were okay and Ash Williams would be great but I doubt that's happening now.

I do enjoy this roster and it's nice to see no new characters. That sounds strange but this series has SO MANY CHARACTERS THAT HAVEN'T BEEN USED IN YEARS, come on now. I have a lot of problems with NRS' storytelling but one thing I will admit is that the writers have done a great job when it comes to bringing back characters from previous games and giving them personalities. MK9 is a great example of this, I wrote a bit about that on my game reviews page. Speaking of revamping characters, I don't like Stryker's new look. I know he's just a cameo but it seems like he got demoted from NYC SWAT to a... regular cop. My boy got a pay cut! >( But his "arrest" assist looks like a lot of fun to use, hopefully he'll be top tier this time around?

And of course, a lot of my favorites aren't in and I kinda doubt that they'll be added as DLC - Fujin, Jade, Kabal, Erron Black, Nightwolf and Skarlet don't seem to be the last character on the roster. The ONLY characters from that little list that MIGHT be DLC are Fujin (if that one pre-fight line from Kung Lao is referring to him), Jade (because everyone on twitter is rioting about her not being in yet, it's Mileena all over again) and Nightwolf (because of his ending about passing his mantle down or w/e, i was distracted by his younger self).

And if that line about Fujin is true, then NRS decided to genderbend my husbando Fujin for... some reason. I normally wouldn't care about genderbending a character, especially since a female Fujin is shown in his MK11 ending, but it just seems so cliche for NRS to do. Especially since EVERYONE liked Fujin in MK11, I don't think I've seen a single person online state their dislike for him. But NRS kinda forgot that nobody wanted Kronika back so it just seems like a lazy way to change a beloved character. And if a female Nightwolf comes around, PLEASE GIVE HER A BETTER OUTFIT THAN THE ONE SHOWN IN HIS MK11 ENDING.

holy shit this ending took hours to write, I'm going to play some Oblivion. No, no one has called me yet.


lol why do i always make journal entries after giving that one dog a bath, just got home from another bathing session and decided to make a new entry here

Well, my mother's memorial service was indeed held on the 3rd of this month and it went better than I expected. My brother knew exactly where she wanted her remains to be scattered, which is THANKFULLY away from the ocean and more towards the dunes. It's fifty steps up and fifty steps to the left off the boardwalk at the end of the street that she grew up on. That's where my mom's mother and her grandmother (so my grandmother and great-grandmother) ashes were spread too as well as our pets' ashes. I decided against scattering Trooper and Chobie's ashes that day since we usually did that on the first day of the year. Had a nice service and went out for lunch afterwards.

But something wonderful happened after the ashes were gone! When we were walking back up the pier, this old Golden Retriever comes into view as s/he's being walked on the street and the dog looked A LOT like my dog Sunny, whose ashes were also spread on the beach. I almost started to cry, it was so surreal. My sister and I took it as a sign from my mother that she's doing okay in heaven. It was a very nice moment.

Also, here's a tip: if you're going to go to a memorial service on the beach in summer and want to look nice, DON'T FUCKING WEAR HEELS. I was going to wear my mom's crocs to be ~goofy~ with my nice yellow dress that I bought for the occasion but decided against it - my feet hurt just thinking about that trip.

It also came to our attention that, uh, spreading ashes on the beach isn't exactly... legal but... my mother's only wish that she EVER pleaded with her children to have us do after she passed was to have her ashes spread on that spot. Nobody paid attention to us and we made sure to do it out of the beachgoers' way. Thank god.

Well, continuing from my previous entry, inventory went okay and I didn't have to count any needles but it was so fucking draining and I hate it. I had to count pills instead of needles... it sucked. Now there's a new fence FINALLY being put up for the kennel yard but that means I have to walk the dogs on a leash outside for their bathroom breaks. That's fine by me but it stinks that the dogs can't run around and play like usual until the new fence is up. There's only two dogs in right now, a hound mix and Newfoundland brother duo, and they LOVE to run around and play together. I ADORE THEM and want to hang out with them ouside but it's just not possible right now. Drat. Since they're the only two in right now and the air conditioner is fixed (!!) I'll see if they just want to meander together around the kennel just so that they can roam. Both dogs are very good boys but I'll have to make sure that the food is placed up high...

eww when I was driving home after that bath I just gave I was behind a car at a red light that had lewd "ecchi" anime stickers on it, what a loser. also i had to look at the car for longer than usual because the dolt driving the car didn't know that you could "right on red" in NJ, thanks shoobie

Imagine having to borrow a car from someone and they had that crap on it, I would tell them upright that either he (... come on, you just know it's a guy that thought putting those kind of stickers on a car would be funny) is taking them off or that those awfully young looking anime girls with breasts larger than their head are getting shirts getting drawn on them in sharpie. Or, nevermind, I would rather just walk.

back at it again in skyrim, playing as my dovah diadora this time. Looking at other's screenarchery shots for inspiration is a huge mistake for me because it seems like EVERYONE ELSE has no problems with their ENB shadows and can make gorgeous, stunning and flawless characters. My characters look okay, I guess, but I've been adjusting Dia's face for the longest time now that she just looks like a pale potato to me.

latest shot of the pale potato in question - THOSE FUCKING BLOCKY SHADOWS UGUGHUGHUHDLFKSLGSHL

... god, her eyes look off in the thumbnail of that pic. I've had problems with getting ANY "more expressive facial animations" mod to work with my characters. Honest to god, I think it might be her scars (?) that are making her eyes look off but I refuse to remove them.

I'm making progress on that "favorite Skyrim mods" page regardless of those problems, though! Just... don't expect any shots of my character's face in them.


ooops almost a whole month since my last entry

Hey, well, this time I have a little bit of good news - my root canal went VERY well! Except for the price... I had to go to a endodonist in another county and pay out of pocket... but the staff was very nice and understood my anxiety problems. I wore my headphones and listened to music during the procedure and after the injections of the numbing medcine it didn't hurt at all! Seriously, the loss of money was the most painful thing about the experience. I did freak out a bit during the shots but it was done in seconds. (I honestly freaked out more while trying to find the place while driving and following Waze at the same time.) Now I have to get a crown on it, which is going to cost extra money AGAIN, but I have enough. I just need to wait and see what my schedule for next week is going to be like. My mother's memorial service is going to be on Monday most likely but we're not 100% sure yet.

I'll probably have to work on whatever day we have it and it's not going to be a big service, but I was a dingbat and forgot to schedule the days off in advance. My shifts are now 8 to 10 AM and 6 to 8 PM at my job. It sucks, but I need the money. Honestly, I hate working those shifts because I come home from my first shift and I'm just EXHAUSTED. Then I get anxious about going back in again, even though I was just there and that causes me more exhaustion. So stupid.

Speaking of exhaustion, I just got home after giving a dog her bi-monthy bath and I'm already just DONE for the day but I have to go back later for my night shift. I do come in if a client schedules a bath for their dog (because I need the money, as I said) but I only do baths, ears and help with the nails with a vet tech. I can do the nails if the dog is well behaved but that's so rare.

I don't know how dog groomers do this everyday. I'm amazed by their stamina and talent.

... especially when the owners don't brush their dogs... and especially when it's a Golden Retriever... I mean, the dog's parents are nice enough but who gets a Golden and doesn't brush him/her? When I had my Sunny I brushed him out at least once a week and took him to the groomer's every two months. And I'M a lazy ass unlike this dog's owners who take their dog on hikes and stuff - I'm always finding little twigs in her coat when I bathe her! It doesn't help that she's a pain in the butt to clip her nails, but I will say that she's getting much better at it. She's a very good, sweet older Golden and I like her a lot, it's just a shame that her owners don't get her groomed like she should.

ah fuck tomorrow's inventory lmao I ALWAYS GET STUCK COUNTING THE FUCKING NEEDLES!!! (Yes, I do have a fear of them but it's fine when they're not going in me.) Do you know how tiring it is to count hundreds of needles and also keep track of which type is which? I HATE IT. (i have a feeling that any vet techs reading this are like "yeah bitch we know" sorry)

i don't wanna work i wanna stay home and watch the golden girls

Well, I am back to playing Skyrim and, yet again, find myself making another page instead of working on the pages that I already have up. It's going to be a list of my favorite Skyrim AE mods but I want to have screenshots of the mods so I have to work on that in-game too. I'm always making more work for myself, haha.

i need to relax my aching bones~


Thank you all for 100k views!

Dental update: I did get to a dentist and got referred to another dental clinic to get a root canal fixed on the 19th of June. It's gonna cost money out of pocket, though, because the only endomologist in the area that takes my insurance could fit me in during the MIDDLE OF SEPTEMBER. Also, it seems like the first appointment on the 19th is just for scans (??) and then they'll have to schedule another appointment for the actual root canal. I don't fucking know.

I have to call the dentist that I went to last week to ask if they can adjust the antibiotics that I was given. The Amoxicillin (500 MG!) tablets work but I've been drowsy, very nauseous and sluggish ever since I started taking them. I did try to example that the Amoxicillin mix that the urgent care clinic gave me previously worked really well but the dentist wanted to give "just the Amoxicillin a go". Well, it's going awfully, pal. The dentist and the other staff were actually quite nice and professional, I just wish that my request for the antibiotics that worked were taken seriously.

How I feel right now.

Well, what else can I blog about besides root canals? The new Mortal Kombat trailer (trigger warning: gore) looks great and I'm excited to see how some of the alliances are going to play out. If the graphics are going to be as amazing as they are in the trailer, that'll be wonderful, but I gotta say... I'll kinda miss the face models that were in MK11 because they were so hot well done. Someone pointed out that Liu Kang looks a lot like Nightwolf and now I can't unsee it.

It's nice to be a part of a fandom that's mostly active - before the trailer dropped, the MK fandom was quiet since MK11 has been out for a few years now. I mean, there is the new Suikoden I and II remakes coming out later this year but other than that... nothing. No new Suikoden games, no Ogre Battle, no Xenosaga, and I'm not interested in the new Final Fantasy game at the moment. I did get the FFVII remake a while ago and I plan on playing it after I'm done messing around in House Flipper, but my depression makes it difficult for me to start new games. I know that sounds crazy, and it is, but it's true for me. I... can't really explain it. Plus, the FFVII remake takes up a HUGE amount of disk space...

House Flipper, by the way, is really fun! It'll be added to my next game review page update for sure. I remade the Breaking Bad house into a pink and white themed house with a weird vampire themed bar in the garage. If I can figure out how to take screenshots properly with Bandicam (because the key I have assigned to the in game screenshot button never works?) I'll add some to the review. I also plan on making a "video game screenshot" page in the future but that's on the backburner. I promise that I'm working on my link directory too, I have, uhhh... one page redone at the moment... hell yea........


Finally figured out how to indent the text in these entries so I might as well make another post here.

I cannot believe that my strange little website is almost at 100k views! I do have something planned for when the milestone hits so look out for that. Thank you all so much for visiting this messy hovel, haha.

The rest of this entry will be me bitching and complaining about finding a dentist, oops, just a heads up.

Still fussing about trying to figure out what to do about my dental work. The only one in town has great reviews on Google but the receptionist got kinda snippy with me when I asked questions during the phone call I made yesterday. Bad sign... plus, it doesn't cover my insurance. There's one outside of town that does, but it's the place where all my dental anxieties began so I'm not going back there, period. One of the questions I asked yesterday over the phone was how much a root canal would cost out of pocket and she said about $1,000... which isn't THAT bad. But it's still a lot of course, it's more than I make in a month. Welcome to America!!! I say that because when I look up questions about dental procedures and costs on Reddit, people from other countries will point out how expensive dental work is and how they have nationwide healthcare that's accepted by their dentists. Must be nice...

I also need to figure out what the hell I'm going to do about transportation and I'm honestly more nervous about that than the actual dentist appointment right now. I definately need a cavity filled and/or a root canal on the problem tooth but I have no one to transport me to and from the office. I could ask someone at work but... ugh. I'm friendly with almost all the staff there and they're friendly towards me, but... ugh, again. I heard that if you get nitrous during the procedure you can drive after the dental work, plus it greatly helps with your anxiety. DON'T QUOTE ME ON THAT, it's just something I came across while researching. So NOW I'm looking at places that take my insurance and will give me nitrous oxide during the procedure so that I MIGHT be able to drive home. ... no luck so far. It doesn't help that I get very anxious when I have to make phone calls!

There's also the option of talking to my sister about helping me but she doesn't drive plus she lives about a hour and a half away in Philly. We want to make plans to have me stay for a week up there but I don't want to go up there just so her and her husband can babysit me and help me with my dental problems. So... yeah, that's my main problem right now in my life. It doesn't help that I'm getting migranes from hell from the side of my face that the problem tooth is located and I just know that the two problems are connected.

... I could also wait for when my brother and his wife to come up from Florida to where I live (for my mother's memorial service but they plan to stay a week) to help me out but that's in JULY. UGHHHH. Well, for now, the pain can be solved by taking over-the-counter pain killers. The migraines do worry me, though, I've never had migraines this bad in the past.


Coming up on the first year anniversary of my mother's death. She died May 8th, Mother's Day, last year around 4:45 PM. The tiniest things remind me of her. I'm still watching My 600 Pound Life episodes in the background when I'm on the computer and I used to watch the crazier ones with Mom. On Lacey B's episode, Season 10 Episode 5, she was hurt by being called "a surprise baby" or a "accident" - I was surprised that Lacey thought those comments were negative, and they might've been, but my mother used to use the same terms for me and she was full of joy whenever she would use those words. She would tell me, "I wanted a girl so much and when we found out that you were a baby girl, I was so happy." (I have a older brother.) We plan on spreading her ashes on the beach by her childhood home around July 4th... which is going to be difficult because it's a beach in Wildwood NJ... prime shoobie activity, blargh. But it's the only time that both my sister, brother and everyone else can come together to spread the ashes together.

Oh! I have to spread Chobie's and Trooper's ashes too. Chobie was my most recent dog that passed away about three weeks after my mother died, she was a Shih Tzu/Bichion Frise mix that I've known for about three years since she and her brother (a Bichon Frise) used to board at my job. Trooper was our Chihuahua/MinPin mix that we've had for about seven years and passed away in March 2020, right after I was let go temporarily from my current job due to COVID. Mom LOVED both of them, even though Chobie was only in her life for a month. We would always spread our pets' ashes on the same spot that her ashes will be spread and she was more than happy to "share her spot" with our previous pets that passed away.

But back to something more uplifting, geez, sorry for the sad beginning to this entry... Lacey's B episode is fucking crazy, by the way. I'm rewatching it right now. NEW PANTS, NEW PANTS! (My favorite quote is actually, "...he likes DragonBallZ and I love anime..." when her and her boyfriend are arguing with the vaping sister.) And when her mother was asked about calling her a "surprise baby", I'm pretty sure she said it with a smile and a laugh so who knows. I feel so bad for the cameraman that had to sit in the car during the second drama filled trip!

Taking a break from Mortal Kombat because there's only so many times I can see my favorite characters murder each other for... currency? So I decided to start Cookie Run Kingdom on a whim and I'm really enjoying it! I plan on adding a game review with the next Game Review page update.

I'm also replaying Ragnarok Online again on the NovaRO server. Still... not being very social at the moment, it's difficult for me to engage with other players.

My older brother just uploaded a video to his Youtube account about his latest trip to Mexico, he and his wife went to Yucatan this time. (I would share the video but I'm nervous. Maybe in the future I will?) The ruins there are very cool looking but they also went to the "Shrine of the Wind God" and uhhhhhhhhhhh yes i know that he would be in a seperate pantheon if he were real


I feel guilty whenever I leave this site untouched for long periods of time. I've just been busy dealing with real life stuff that I don't feel like writing down. Nothing bad, it's just exhausting to think about. Plus work is starting to pick up slightly, we're getting more dogs staying for more than a day. Two of my favorites, a Shetland Sheepdog and Westie pair, are coming in to board so I'm actually looking forward to going into work on Wednesday! They were there when I came back from my two weeks I took off to take care of myself after my mother died last year and interacting with them really helped. They're just wonderful dogs, I wish I could tell their owner how much they helped me during such a tough time. I could, if I wanted to, but I'll probably end up stumbling over my words.

So I've been playing Mortal Kombat 11 a lot over the last week and a half and of course it was leaked that MK12 will come out by the end of the year a few days ago. Exciting news! ((please bring back fujin im beggin u ahhhhhh i love him)) The AI battle system is a GODSEND if you're bad at fighting games like me. I'm currently trying to let the Kabal AI that I set up fight its way through the towers with random drops. I just want his maskless option! God damn it!!

... god, I'm 2/3rd of the way through the Aftermath story and I'm at the part where shit hits the fan. I'm debating on just skipping the cutscenes because I hate the retcons that the writers pulled but then I'll miss out on screenshots. I actually would like it if MK12 followed the "bad" ending, I think that would be a great change of pace.

I've been making quite a few icons out of the MK11 screenshots that I've taken... then I moved to the screenshots I had saved from the other games... then I took some more from videos on Youtube... so I ended up with hundred of Mortal Kombat icons for Tumblr or whatever. Uh. I plan on making a seperate page for them in the future so that other people can use them but I'm pretty nervous about doing so? I dunno why - well, I kinda know, but it's stupid. It's not because I think people will hate them (they're just edited screenshots ffs who cares) but I don't want any attention drawn to myself? It's hard to explain.

I've also been watching (or listening) My 600 Pound Life, Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares in the background a lot recently. Currently relistening to Dolly's episode of My 600 Pound Life, it's a WILD ride. Sister wives, frog backpacks, crack dens... as always, I feel so bad for the patient's children. Dolly barely mentons her young daughter through the entire episode! Her mother's great though. And of course, Dr. Now is amazing. Truly the star of the show!


I'm back! ... Kinda.

I've been so exhausted, mentally and physically, lately. I think it's because I've been switched to the day shift at my job and I hate waking up early. Plus there's only been one dog in this week for boarding. I'm also helping to take care of a 20 lb orange cat as well as the other three adoptable cats. The big guy will be up for adoption soon at my work once the vet staff give him a clean bill of health. (I dunno what his ailments are.) And, obviously, we are trying to get his weight down. His name is George but I call him "Georgie" - he's VERY sweet and friendly so I'm sure he'll get a home once he's up for adoption!

In a bit of random trivia, I found out that my sister is really into playing Pokemon recently. When I asked what her favorite pokemon is, her answer was not what I was expecting! In fact, I don't think I've ever heard anyone claim it as their favorite! Her favorite pokemon is...

!! !!

... Vanillite! I remember back when we played Pokemon as kids that she liked Espeon and Umbreon so I always thought that those or another eeveelution would be her #1 but nope, it's the cute little ice cream cone. Of course, my favorite has always been Raichu and it's been that way since I was a kid.

♡♡ ♡♡

I'm glad my sister is getting back into video games. ... I wonder if she IV/EV trains or shiny hunts? I forgot to ask her.

I haven't played Tactics Ogre: Reborn in a while because of my exhaustion, plus going through the Palace of the Dead before the final dungeon is just so tedious. I really want to get to the CODA episodes too... ( ; ω ; )

I've been playing a mobile gacha game called Panilla Saga and although it's just a nicer AFK Arena clone, I'm really enjoying it. However, the latest event has a mahjong event that is IMPOSSIBLE to complete. Literally. It's impossible. No one on the discard server has beaten it yet. It's so fucking irratating that the developers created an event that is basically a premium resource (diamonds) sink.

The "Jerma Quotes Out of Context" page is nearly done. Uh, it's gonna be a long page...

Haven't been writing as much fanfiction as I want to. I'm trying to at least write a paragraph a day, or edit that much since I completed a few fanfics. Praying that I don't get writer's block, oof.

Hopefully my next journal entry will come with a update to the main page!


Happy New Years, I feel horrible. :)

I removed the stable diffusion AI artwork page as well as the placeholders for the DALL-E artwork pages. I'm honestly still in the middle when it comes to my opinion on the entire AI artwork debate because both sides have good points. But I don't want to leave anything on my website that supports something that I'm not completely on board with, you know? So there's that. I don't think anyone will miss it.

Bought a few games during the Steam sale, one of them being Unpacking, which I completed in about three hours. It was a very cool puzzle game and I loved how the story was presented though the gameplay. However, even on sale, it's WAY too expensive. I got it for $13.99 and I personally think that's very expensive for a game that I could beat in such a short time. I got a good amount of the achivements too and I wasn't even aiming to get as many as I could. It seems like I'm not alone in that opinion - a lot of the positive reviews on the Steam page seem to agree with me. I would recommend it, but only when it's... $9.99 or less on sale.

Last day of my vacation.

Still writing fanfiction, still not completing anything I write. Well, no, I did finish a couple drabbles. But anything longer than that will probably remain unfinished for a while. Well, who cares? I'm not planning on posting anything soon and it's nice to finally get ideas that I've been messing around with in my head for years down on paper. Or, uh, digital documentation because I'm writing this garbage down in Google Docs.

Completed the Shaman questline in Tactics Ogre: Reborn, completed Heim, and now completing my first Palace of the Dead run before the Hanging Gardens. Pro tip: complete your Chapter IV run of PotD AFTER Heim. That way you can get the recipes for the items to skip floors for CODA 2. I still haven't recruited Deneb yet but I'm going to farm those Winged Rings or whatever so I can get her as a Wicce.

I'm making a "Jerma985 Quotes Out of Context" page and it's going well but sometimes he speaks so fucking fast that I have to go back and put his voice on half speed to get the full quote. Also, some of the quotes I'm getting are really fucked up out of context - like, "Wait, did they just change my identity or something because I'm the guy who killed like three people in the ring?"...


Just testing out a journal template~ Who knows if I'll keep up with it!

I've been writing a lot of fanfiction lately for the first time in 15 years and it's going... well, it's going somewhere but it's all over the place. I have two main stories that I've been slogging through and a bunch of drabbles that I might make longer fanfiction out of. I'm shocked at how much I'm enjoying myself! I doubt that I'll ever publish anything on AO3 or even on this website, but we shall see.

Christmas was okay. It was my first Christmas without my mother but she was never really big on the holiday since it's also my father's birthday. (They divorced when I was... three or four.) Unfortunately, I'm stuck living with my father at the moment until I can move out and find a place to live, which is a situation that I don't like talking about because he's a gigantic narcissist. But he mostly slept the entire day and didn't bother me much.

I have off from work until January 3rd and I'll probably just stay at home writing and running errands. Tactics Ogre Reborn is pretty good. Flawed, yes, but a good reboot. Then again, I'm dragging myself through the shaman sidequest and it's so fucking tedious. (But it was in the PSP version too.) I don't know how I'm going to make it through the Palace of the Dead without ripping my hair out from frustration - fuck those fatal drop spots! I'm going to make a beeline for CODA 3 as soon as I can for reasons that I don't want to spoil and then recruit the other characters.

Listening to the True Crime Garage podcast's series about JonBenet Ramsay right now and it's pretty good but the Captain can be so fucking annoying. Nick is an excellent host, however, and it's worth dealing with the Captain making comments about child sacrifice or whatever just to hear Nick narrate the story. He has a excellent voice for podcasting.