This page is absurdly long and (still) messy, my apologies. (I moved the Premade Layouts and Layout Builders sections up top since I know people like to search for them.)

Sites with Premade Layouts


Almost Sweet's Layouts




Crystalis Designs

desdemona's lab

Dragonfly Cave's Layouts




francelalune Layouts

Goodmode's Free Stuff


John Doe's Page


The Lilac Lynx

linoone's Neocities Layouts

Lovely Designs



Open Source Web Design

Owl's Roost

Pomelo's Premades's HTML Templates

Regina's Design


Simple Website Templates

Tainted Wings

TarryDan/CSS Layouts


Archived Sites



Japanese Sites




Net Novel Templates


Blank / Unstyled Templates

CSS Two and Three Column Layouts

Free CSS Layouts

W3.CSS Demos

W3 School's CSS Templates

Premade CSS Styles



CSS Zen Garden


Style Stage

Vanilla CSS


Individual Layouts

Arcade Life

Extremely Emo

Mrs. Dalloway


Recipe Layout

Individual Layouts - Image Galleries

Adaptive Image Gallery Layout with Flexbox

Black and White Image -> Color Image Gallery

CSS Image Gallery

Easy Responsive Masonry Gallery with CSS

Flex Image Gallery with Hover Effect

Gallery with CSS GRID

grid-template-areas Example

Photography Gallery

Photo Gallery with CSS Grid Layout

Responsive CSS Grid Album

Responsive Image Gallery with Text Hover

Individual Layouts - Image Galleries - With Javascript

CSS Grid Masonry

Different Image Size Gallery

Filterable Gallery

Image Gallery with Zoom

Responsive Image Gallery

Responsive Image Gallery with Flexbox

Scrolling and Looping Image Gallery

Layout Builders / Generators


CSS Layout Generator

CSS Layout Generator - CSS Portal

Flexbox Playground

Hekate's Layout Builder

HTML Codes, Editors and Generators

HTML DIV Table Generators

Layer Styles


Sadgrl's Layout Builder

Build a Tumblr Theme

I have no idea if this can work for Neocities/HTML based layouts but it's a cool theme builder regardless.

CSS Item Generators

CSS3 Generator

CSS Grid Generator

Customize Your < div >

Speech Bubble Generator

HTML, CSS and Other Coding Websites

A Beginner's Guide to HTML and CSS


Introduction to the Web Revival: Make a Website! by Melonking

Learn to Code HTML & CSS

Lissa Explains it All

I remember using this site way back in high school to make my first webpage!

The Site Wizard


One of the best sites to learn HTML, CSS and JS!

Website Helpers

Web Designs in 4 Minutes

Web Zine 01: HTML: How to Make a Website From Scratch

All About HTML

anlucas' Learn HTML Page

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML

HTML Basics with Fox

HTML Cheat Sheet

Also has a live online HTML and CSS editor! (Scroll down to the bottom.)

The HTML Shark

HTML Tutorials

Neocities' HTML Tutorial

CSS Portal

Learning and Doing CSS

Old CSS, New CSS

Specific Topics

A Complete Guide to Flexbox

Creating a Responsive Website

Emoji Reference

HTML Background Images

HTML Code Generators

HTML <dd> Tag

HTML Lists

HTML Symbols

HTML Unicode UTF Symbols

Unicode Emoji Search

CSS Box Model

CSS Display Property

CSS Height and Width Dimensions

CSS Styling Links

CSS Styling Lists

font-weight in CSS

Multiple Borders with CSS

Styling Layout Wrappers in CSS

"How To" Questions and Answers

How to Make a Website

How to Make Horizontal Lines in HTML and CSS

How to Style a Horizontal Line in HTML and CSS

How to Create a Bullet or Number List in HTML

How to Create a Pure CSS Dropdown Menu

How To Create a Two Column Layout

How to Display Raw HTML Code on a HTML Page

How to Display Text When User Moves Mouse Over an HTML Element

How to Make Custom Bullet HTML List (UL) Using CSS

How to Resize Images in HTML

How to Create a Rectangular Box to Contain Your Text/Pictures with CSS

How to Create a Responsive Navigation Menu Using Only CSS

How to Create an Collapsibles / Accordion Menu in JS

Online HTML and CSS Editors

10015 - Online Tools


Construct Your CSS

Convert Text to HTML

CSS Explorer

CSS Formatter

Free Online HTML Formatter


Online HTML Editor


Remove Unused CSS

Word to HTML

Codes and Scripts


Dynamic Drive

Free Frontend

GRID Codes

JavaScript Best Codes

Jellyfish Forest CSS and JS Tutorials

Jumpy - Script Index

Some of these might not work in Firefox.

RV's JS and DHTML Effects

CSS Codes



Candy Color Button Animation

Chat Bubbles

Checkbox Styles

CSS3 Hover Effects

CSS Background Patterns

CSS Button Generator

CSS Image Hover Effects

CSS Pattern Fills

CSS Wand

Custom CSS Borders

Decorative Borders with Only CSS and No Images

Hover Effects in CSS

Simple Hover Effects


Wicker CSS3 Animations


You Don't Need Javascript - CSS Codes Without Using Javascript

Individual Codes

8-Bit Borders

Animated Back Glow

Animated CSS Border

Animated CSS Gradient Border

Border Inset

Card with Hovering Effect

CSS Only Drop Down Menu

CSS Only Navbar

CSS Tabs

Dropdown Menu

Falling Items

Final Fantasy VII UI


Floating Image

Gradient Background Animation

Hamburger Menu

iFrame Content Change with Click

Image Hover Effect

Info on Hover

Lace Border

Line Break Styles 1 + 2 + 3

Links in Margin

Links with Gradient Hover Effect

Menu Hover Sliding Effect

Modal Window

Morphing Hambuger Menu Animation

Multi-Line Hover Effect

Navigation Hover Effects

Neon Light Text

Nested Dropdown Menu

Noise -> Image Reveal

Notebook Paper 1 + 2 + 3 + 4

Particle Animation 1 + 2

Rainbow Gradient Border

Responsive Buttons

Responsive Navigation Menubar

Rounded Thumbnail -> Full Image

Shooting Stars

Simple Dropdown Menu

Snowfall Animation

Text Underline Hover Effect

Toggle Click with Only CSS

Twinkling Stars

Wave Animation

With Javascript

Button Hover Effects

Circular Reveal Animation

Custom Accordion Style

Drag and Drop Images

Dropdown Accordion Menu

Fade-in Text Over Image

Hamburger Menu Animations

Link Hover Animation

Menu Toggle

Navigation Toggle

Neon Text Effects

Pokemon Info Cards

Random Image on Refresh

Random Text on Button Click

RPG Menus

Rugrats Title Card

SVG Navigation Menu

Tab Switch Animation

Toggle Tabs

User Profile

Website Color Schemes and Palettes

0 to 255

Color tints.

Adobe Color

Color Blender

Color Hex Color Codes

Color Hexa

Color Name

Colors on the Web


Enter a color's hex number to generate a color scheme or gradient.

CSS Gradient

Hex Hub HTML Color Codes

HTML Color Codes

HTML Colors from Image

HTML Color Map

HTML Color Names

List of 550+ Colors with Hex Codes

Name that Color

Shadowlord - Tint and Shades Generator Tools

W3.CSS Color Schemes

Web Colors


codehelp @ tumblr

CSS Font Stack


Fonts In Use


Generates font combinations.

galaxias-themes @ tumblr

Google Fonts / List on W3Schools / Font Library / How to Use Google Fonts on Your Webpage

So You Need a Typeface


Preview text with fonts on your computer.

How to Add Custom Fonts To Your Website

Webfont Generator

Web Page Hosting


You are here!

Absolute Beginner's Guide to Neocities

How to Delete Notifications From Your Profile on Neocities

Neocities "Site to User-Profile" Tool

Welcome to Neocities! Tips on Creating a Homestead


Not really a place to host a website but it could be a good starting point to mess around with website design? Keep in mind that a free account gives you a limited amount of 'sections' to put on your page.


Google Sites



Drag and drop website creator.


Creative blogging service that you can create collage-like blog posts.


Free trial period for your first three months then it's $3 a month for the basic plan. It's cheaper than Neocities' supporter upgrade and I've heard good things about this website so give it a shot if Neocities just isn't working for you.


Similar to Pastebin but with more options.

SD Notes

Smol Pub

Special Fish


Wall of Text

Free File Hosting and Sharing





Toffee Share

Online File Converters

Cloud Convert


Free Convert

Online Converter


Website Goodies

Cbox Live Chat

Custom Scrollbar Maker

Free Clocks for Your Website



SCM Music Player

Smart Guestbook

Status Cafe


Web ESheep

KissDesigns Calenders and Clocks [Archived]

Other Tools and Helpful Websites


an idea for a website

Beautify Tools

Broken Link Checker

Only checks the first 2000 links it comes across on a website. Yes, my website did hit that limit.

Capitalize Sentences

Colorblind Web Page Filter


Every Fucking Bootstrap Website Ever

How to Make Your Webpage Easier to Read

Mefancy Text Tools

pForm - Free HTML Form Builder


Sort My List

Text Tools

Visual Studio Code

The program I use to code my website.

Visual Studio Code - Neocities Tips

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