Various websites that have to do with video games! Click here for a list of games you can play online in your browser!

     Okay, so this is not an emulation resource per se, but this is a wonderful program to use to sort ALL your emulators and games. It's very simple to use and it's so great to have all your games accessible from one program.
Video Games Emulation for Newbies
     Great starting point to understand the basics of emulation software.
/r/emulation Best Emulators
How to Set Up DeSmuME
     The best resource to play Flash, HTML, Unity and other web games. RIP Flash. :(
     The program I use to emulate Android games. Can be a real pain to set up for certain games and won't run Epic Seven for me at the moment.
     Not just rom hacks but translations and patches as well!
Zophar's Domain
     More rom hacks!
Vimm's Lair
     This is the best site to get classic video game ROMs.
Old Games Download
Console Living Room
My Abandonware
     Three safe sites to download abadonware from.

Emulation - Pokemon
Universal Pokemon Game Randomizer
     Only usable with Pokemon ROMS from Generation 1 to 5. Randomizes pokemon in the game in several ways for a different experience!
Pokemon ROM Hacks Collection
Project Pokemon
     Links to Pokemon ROM Hacks to pick and choose from.

Free Downloadable Games
Free to Play Games on Steam and Demo Games on Steam
     TONS AND TONS of games on Steam have free demos or are completely free to download and all you need is a Steam account and the desktop app!
Nova Ragnarok Online
     Okay, I know Ragnarok Online is ancient by now but it's still fun! I used to play the official free server way, way back in high school but the official servers are now just pay-to-win hot garbage with bots everywhere. Sad. NovaRO is a moderately sized Renewal community that's filled with friendly people and active GMs, plus increased exp and drop rates! Give it a shot if you like laid-back MMOs with cute graphics.
     Yes, THAT McDickie that made such mindboggling games as The You Testament (in which you can punch Jesus) and Wrestling Revolution. If you watch Vargskelethor Joel's streams, he's played quite a few of these. Honestly? They're pretty fun to play for a laugh.
The Interactive Fiction Database
Leerilly/games at Github

Video Games Images
Death Generator
     Not as a sinister as the name suggests! You can generate your own message using several video game text boxes.
Creative Uncut
     Tons and tons of official art for a variety of games.
The Spriter's Resource
     Hundreds (or thousands!) of sprite pages to browse as well as seperate sites for textures and models.
Sprite Database
NES Game Maps / SNES Game Maps
Background HQ
The Cover Project

Other Gaming Resources
Can You RUN It?
     A VERY important site that checks your computer specs to see if you can play a game on it smoothly or not.
A Collection of Steam Tools
Steam Backlog
Steam Library Filters
     Three links to useful Steam tools, the first of the three linking to even more websites to check out.
The Cutting Room Floor
     Very cool site that shows off unused content for games.
OverClocked ReMix
     The best collection of fanmade video game remixes on the net. Also home to Balance and Ruin, a fanastic FFVI soundtrack remix project.
     Explore video game worlds in great detail. The Okami maps are especially stunning.
Brian's Super Mario 64 Page
Mr. P's Castlevania Realm
     I don't play Castlevania but this website is SO COOL to look at!
Supper Mario Broth
David Wonn's Unique Video Game Glitches
Gamepad Tester Online
Club Nintendo Archives
Legends World
Sulla's Website
Smash Bros. DOJO!!
Kirby's Rainbow Resort
SMRPG Timings
Legends of Localization

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