Links to sites about individual fandoms and games that I like.

Final Fantasy
Corpse Brigade
     A Final Fantasy Tactics fansite!
Rainbowcoast FF
     Cool adoptable Final Fantasy (and more) characters for your webpage! Please credit the site if you use any sprites.
Final Fantasy Fandom Wiki
Final Fantasy Kingdom
FFBE Unit Animations
     Sprites from the mobile game Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. I don't play the game but these sprites are stunning.
Final Fantasy Gallery
Final Fantasy Animated Gifs [Archived]

Xenosaga Fandom Wiki

Johto Redrawn
     Fanmade remakes of the Johto map!
     A fansite dedicated to the adorable Dunsparce!
     Fansite about various electric pokemon!
     Focuses more on the classic anime. Smell ya later!
Bulbagarden Archives
Pokemon Database
The Cave of Dragonflies
     Online pokedex and contains image downloads from several pokemon games.
Glitch City Laboratories
pokemon-cards-hourly Tumblr
hirespokemon Tumblr
Pokemon Special Gallery
Pokemon Gallery
@tilabletoast's Fanmade Pokemon Sprites
     Free to use upgraded Pokemon sprites!
SassySnivy's Pokemon Sprites
     More custom Pokemon sprites! Also free to use, just give credit.
Pokemon Booster Pack Simulator
Marriland Team Builder
     Checks what your team of six is strong and weak against as a group.
Random Pokemon Generators 1 and 2
     Quick and easy way to generate random pokemon with many options.
PKMN.NET Name Raters
     Good to browse through for a laugh, although I also use it for pokemon name inspiration.
False Swipe Gaming (Youtube)
     Youtube channel that goes into detail analyzing many pokemon's competitive uses.
JRose11 (Youtube)
     Runs through various Pokemon games with a single Pokemon.

Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley Wiki
PPJA Mod Index
     References for various mods. Mod Compatibility
     Easy way to upload your farm layout for viewing.

Epic Seven
     Fan wiki with tons and tons of information.
     Guides for the various hunts and more.
Sez Gaming
     Various useful guides.
Gamepress' Camping Simulator
     My preferred camping simulator for now. I recommend making an account to easily store your lineup. The site's wiki isn't updated that often, hence why I'm only linking this simulator.
Epic7x's Labyrinth Morale Calculator
E7 Community PVP Builds
     A very large Imgur album of gears for almost every character. A great starting point to help build your characters.
     High quality model viewer.
S3 and Expressions Screenshots
     By messofneutrellas on Tumblr.
Trung Tran (Youtube)
     Excellent videos on unique PVP and Abyss teams.

Animal Crossing
Nookipedia - List of Villagers
     I check this page whenever I need names for my Pokemon!
     The original fansite for those popular Animal Crossing sprites.
Pixel Friends - Animal Crossing Clique

Love Nikki
Nikki's Info
     Amazing site that you can upload your wardrobe to and get custom recommendations to beat stages.
/r/LoveNikki - How to Import Game Data From Bluestacks to Nikki's Info
     This is the method I use to update my Nikki's Info wardrobe profile.
Love Nikki Fandom Wiki
Love Nikki Fandom Wiki's Gallery
Recharge Gallery
     Stunning hi-res images of all the suits.
Fan Recreations of Some Makeup Sets

AFK Arena
AFK Helper
     This site is a fucking GODSEND. It lists formations that other players used to beat levels.
AFK Arena Boss
AFK Guide

Sailor Moon
Miss Dream
Sailor Moon Crystal Screenshots
Sailor Soapbox
The Deimos Project
Three Lights
Her Destiny
     Sailor Moon: Another Story fanlisting.
MOON PRISM POWER - Sailor Moon Fanlisting
Minako Aino (Youtube)
     Youtube channel with clips of our lovely Sailor Venus' antics.
The Sailor Senshi Page [Archived]

     Home to "Interface", which is a webseries that I love.
RagnarokOnline Job Class & NPC Sprite List
Empty Movement
     Revolutionary Girl Utena fanpage. It's been around FOREVER and still holds up!
The Frinkiac
     Simpsons meme and gif generator. Thousands of screenshots availible!
Simpsons Episode Generator
     Only has episodes from season 1 to 12.
Corridors of Time
     Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross fansite.

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