Links to sites about individual fandoms and games that I like, listed alphabetically.

Animal Crossing


Nookipedia - List of Villagers

I check this page whenever I need names for my Pokemon!


The original fansite for those popular Animal Crossing sprites.

Snack Time & Lunch

A simply adorable fansite for the villager Pudge!

Tomorrow's Calling


Final Fantasy

Corpse Brigade

A Final Fantasy Tactics fansite!

Did You Know? Final Fantasy Edition

"Dog" Entry on the Final Fantasy Fandom Wikia

FFBE Unit Animations

Final Fantasy Animated Gifs [Archived]

I honestly REALLY TRIED to find the origin of those popular FFVII and FFVIII fanmade custom sprites, I don't think this site is it but it has all the ones I remember.

Final Fantasy Challenges

Final Fantasy Compendium

Final Fantasy Extreme

Final Fantasy Fandom Wiki

Final Fantasy Gallery

Final Fantasy Kingdom

Final Fantasy V: Solo Berserker Run by Sullla

The tale of "Beowuf" and one of the toughest challenges ever in any Final Fantasy game.

Final Fantasy VII Iceberg

Final Fantasy VII Versus Strategy Guide on

I wanted this book so badly when I was a kid...

Rainbowcoast FF

Cool adoptable Final Fantasy (and more) characters for your webpage! Please credit the site if you use any sprites.

Rebelling Princess

Rinoa shrine.

The Secret Nero Brothers Quest for Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

Walkthrough to a sidequest that NO ONE knew about before this topic. Very interesting!

sirsystemerror's Final Fantasy Challenges

Within Reach

Cloud and Tifa shrine.

Mortal Kombat

Kombat Akademy

MK Collab

An amazing collection of fanmade Mortal Kombat character sprites.

Mortal Kombat 4 Arcade - The Cutting Room Floor

The best character (ugh, kharacter) bios ever.

Mortal Kombat Warehouse

(Non Pokemon) Nintendo Games

Pokemon links are listed further down this page.

Brian's Super Mario 64 Page

Lemmy's Land

The Mushroom Kingdom

SMRPG Timings

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Fanpage

Supper Mario Broth

Super Mario Bros. fansite filled with very obscure factoids about the series.

Ikhana Kingdom

The Odyssey of Hyrule

Archived version of my favorite website to browse as a young teenager.

Retro Zelda Fansite Directory

Zelda Temple

Kirby's Rainbow Resort

Metroid Recon

Mr. P's Castlevania Realm


Hi-res offical artwork for Nintendo games.

Smash Bros. DOJO!!

Legendary Super Smash Brothers Brawl official website.


Ushi no Tane

Harvest Moon fansite.


Ogre Battle

The 64th Sanctum's Ogre Battle 64 Review

Gameshark Codes for All OB64 Characters

Hardcore Gaming 101 - Ogre Battle Saga Reviews

The Interesting Legacy of Ogre Battle 64: The Game Forgotten by Time

Ogre Battle, Tactics Ogre, What They Are, and Where to Find Them

Rare and Obscure OB64 Cutscenes

The Success and Localization of Ogre Battle 64


Information for all the Ogre Battle games, all in Japanese however.

Ogre Battle 64 Archive

Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen Shrine

Ogre Battle Saga Wiki

Tactics Ogre: One Vision

A amazing mod for the PSP port of Tactics Ogre.

f, e, a, w



Twelve Gates

Japanese fanart sites.


Altered Origin

Awesome Pokemon

A list of Pokemon resources.

Blue Moon Falls


The Cave of Dragonflies


A fansite dedicated to the adorable Dunsparce!


Focuses more on the classic anime. Smell ya later!

Glitch City Laboratories

hirespokemon Tumblr

Image Dex

Images of every pokemon, organized by number.

Marriland Team Builder

Checks what your team of six is strong and weak against as a group.

Mirage Island

Morning Glory

Espeon tribute.

Nose Club


The "Name Rater" feature is good to browse through for a laugh, although I also use it for pokemon name inspiration.



Pokemon Booster Pack Simulator

Pokemon Database

Pokemon Fusion

The Pokemon Gallery

pokemon-cards-hourly Tumblr



Easy way to share your Pokemon team with others.



Project Pokemon


Quick and easy way to generate a random pokemon team.

Random Pokemon Generator

Another Pokemon generator!

SassySnivy's Pokemon Sprites

Custom Pokemon sprites! Free to use, just give credit.




Online pokedex and contains image downloads from several pokemon games.

Pokedex by Birdboy

A very cool fanfic that is basically a pokedex entry every chapter. 900+ chapters!

False Swipe Gaming (Youtube)

Youtube channel that goes into detail analyzing many pokemon's competitive uses.

JRose11 (Youtube)

Runs through various Pokemon games with a single Pokemon.

Ragnarok Online


Nifty custom made Ragnarok Online sprite fanart.

iW Database

Ragnarok Online Character Creator

Ragnarok Online Job Class & NPC Sprite List

Rate My Server

Very extensive database of the game as well as reviews to many different private servers.

Sailor Moon



Sailor Neptune/Michiru shrine.

Chibi Land

Eternal Flame

Sailor Moon/Usagi shrine.

Heavy Metal

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon shrine.

J and M Sailor Moon Animation

Lycentia's Sailor Moon Graphics

Miss Dream

Moon Kitty

Moon Sisters

Sailor Moon: Another Story Shrine

You can download a patch for the translated English version of this game here!

The Sailor Senshi Page

Sailor Moon Central

Sailor Moon Collectibles

Sailor Moon Crystal Screenshots

Sailor Moon Fan Network

Sailor Moon Fighter S

Hack for Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S Zenin Sanka!! Shuyaku Soudatsusen to make it more balanced. You can play as Rapheal from TMNT!

The Sailor Moon Super Senshi Playground

Sailor Moon Uncensored

Lists what the old english DIC and Cloverway dubs left out.

Sailor Moon Wiki

Sailor Soapbox

Shojo Power!

Articles about feminism in Sailor Moon.

Tsuki Matsuri

Sailor Moon coloring book pages!

Tuxedo Unmasked


The Simpsons

Dead Homer Society

The Frinkiac

Lenny Iceberg

The Simpsons Archive


Stardew Valley

PPJA Mod Index

References for various mods. Mod Compatibility

Stardew Valley Mod Recommendations

Stardew Valley Wiki

Easy way to upload your farm layout for viewing.


So You Want to Get Into the Suikoden Series...

Black & White

Nash fansite.



Chris Lightfellow fansite.

Suikoden III Character Concept Art Part One and Part Two

Suikoden III Game Script

Suikoden Wikia




Finding Lost Jerusalem: Why You Should Play Xenosaga

So You Want to Get Into the Xeno Series...

Covers Gears, Saga and the Xenoblade games.

patchwork satellite

Amazing fanart and fanfiction!

Xeno Series Character Sorter

Xeno Series Wiki


Xenosaga I + II DS Screenshots

I can't tell if the person writing those interesting comments is familiar with the series or not. Thanks for referring to the japanese dialogue without telling the reader what it translates to.

Xenosaga Character Sorter

Xenosaga Enemy Database

Xenosaga Fandom Wiki

Xenosaga Official Design Materials Translations

Other Fandoms

Black Dream

Schala (from Chrono Trigger) tribute.

Break the World's Shell

Revoultionary Girl Utena shrine.

Caves of Narshe

Covers multiple Final Fantasy games and Chrono Trigger.

Chrono Compendium

Corridors of Time

An archived Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross fansite.

Empty Movement

Revolutionary Girl Utena fanpage. It's been around FOREVER and still holds up!

Love Nikki Suits

I no longer play the game for various reasons but the majority of the special outfits are just amazing to look at.


Doujinshi scans and translations for various fandoms!

Ramsus-kun Translations

Wonderful scanlations for multiple series!

Retro Game Stickers


Home to "Interface", which is a webseries that I love.

General Fandom Websites

Absolute Anime

Anime Galleries

Anime Scene Search

Archen's Anime Page

Charming anime reviews.


Web shrine directory.

in the fade

RPG shrine directory.


Random Curiosity

Anime reviews and screenshots.

Settei Dreams

Concept art for anime and games.

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