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Instagram Accounts
Big Booty Judy
I love her profile description: Hi! I'm Big Booty Judy! I am the sweetest rescue mutt you've ever met! I have cerebellar hypoplasia which makes my booty sway and my run so fun!
Calista the Pitbull
Amazingly sweet pitbull that is a advocate against animal cruelty.
Photographs of Tetra, Cayda and Io (the new kitty!) aka cr1tikal's pets. Also one of the best Instagram names ever.
Cats of Instagram
Collection of cat videos across Instagram.
The Lady Shortcake
The famous smiling pitbull!
Lola LaMiniPoodle
Lola is a therapy dog that volunteers at her local hospitals. She's a sweetheart that likes to pose for the camera!
Mayor Max with Mitzi and Mikey
Mayor Max is the cheerful golden retriever mayor of Idyllwild, CA. He has two deputy assistant mayors, Mizti and Mikey, and is always out and above in his custom truck! He also has a youtube page. Sadly, Mayor Max passed away in the beginning of August but I know he's sending down love beams to everyone. He is deeply missed.
Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary
Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary is home to many senior dogs of all sizes. Also the setting of a lovely mobile game! Check out their youtube channel too. Also check out some older clips of the dogs here!
Oregon Zoo
Amazing footage of the residents of Oregon Zoo. I want to visit! I love the beavers, Filbert and Maple! The zoo has a youtube page as well.
Pudge the Pit
Although Pudge has sadly passed away, his legacy is carried on by his loving siblings and family.
Sir Oscar the Earless
Sir Oscar is always making me laugh with his slothing antics, which really should be seen for yourself.
Tuggy Tugboat
Tuggy and Gerkin Pickle are always making me giggle and it's great to see the siblings interact with their foster friends and help them get out of their shell. You may also remember him by this popular Reddit post! (ft. Winston Bleggi!)
Willie Pierogi Platypus
One of my favorite pages to look at, period. After suffering years of neglect, Willie is enjoying his new life in a loving home - and workplace! He is the most vocal pit bull I've ever seen! It's so wonderful to see him on his adventures with his family.
Stories of many adopted senior dogs as well as Cranberry the Turkey (rest in peace Taco), Bikini the Pig and Betty the Chicken!

Youtube Channels
Cooking With Dog
Amazing Japanese recipes prepared by "Chef" and Francis, a Miniture Poodle. Francis passed away a few years ago but he is still there in spirit and we all miss him dearly.
Girl With the Dogs
An excellent dog grooming channel run by a woman named Vanessa, who has been grooming for 10 years. I am amazed by her patience, skill and gentleness when it comes to grooming these dogs!
Harley the Cockatoo
A lively cockatoo named Harley and her brother Gizmo. Harley loves knocking over plastic cups and screaming into them!
Jun's Kitchen
A chill cooking channel starring the family's cats. I can honestly say that those cats are the most well-trained felines that I've ever seen.
AKA Maru the Cat. I can't believe I didn't include this link when I first started this page! This is the youtube channel of Maru, the famous box loving cat, and his feline sisters Hana and Miri. Here is his instragram~
Sarah and the Wolves
This is the only "wolfdog" channel that I would recommend. It's a great source of adorable wolf footage (Doug!) and Sarah is very knowlegable about wolves/wolfdogs. All of the footage is taken from a sanctuary where the dogs reside.
SHU and TREE (Instagram)
A South Korean dog (and occasional cat!) grooming channel, all groomed in the "asian fusion" grooming style. Shu is the bigger dog and Tree is the smaller dog!
Sir Dethan
A gentle Newfoundland explores the world.
Today's RunRun (Instagram)
Two Great Pyrenees, RunRun and Alain, and their adventures in beautiful rural Japan.
We Love Newfies (Instagram)
I remember watching this channel when it was sweet Sebastian and the family. Sebastian passed to the rainbow bridge 2015 but the channel remains up to show the antics of Samson and Rambo, a Newfoundland and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel duo.
Capybara Madness
Capybara World
Three channels dedicated to capybara! Capybara World is also footage of a zoo in Japan!

Reddit - Dog Breeds
Alaskan Malamute
Australian Shepherd (/r/wigglebutts)
Basset Hounds (/r/basset)
Cane Corso / Italian Mastiff
Collies - Rough and Smooth (/r/roughcollies)
French Bulldogs (/r/frogdogs)
German Shepherds
German Shorthaired Pointers
Golden Retrievers
Great Danes
Great Pyrenees
Labrador Retrievers
Mastiff / English Mastiff
Newfoundland Dogs (/r/Newfoundlander)
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers (/r/tollers)
Shih Tzu
Siberian Husky
West Highland Terriers

Reddit - Other Dog Subreddits
Babushka Dogs
Dogs with headscarves and such on their heads!
Blurry Pictures of Dogs
Dog + Goggles = Doggles!
Dogs Shopping
Dogs And Plants
Dogs Enjoying Nature
Dog Pictures
Dogs Wearing Hats
Dogs With Bandanas
Dogs With Eyebrows
Dogs With Jobs
Dogs With Underbites
Happy Pitbull
Dedicated to the goofiness of sighthounds such as greyhounds and whippets.
No Take, Only Throw!
When a dog just won't release the toy that they want you to throw...
Peeping Pooch
Pitbulls in Jammies
Pitbulls in Party Hats
Pittie Smiles
Puppy Smiles
Sleeping Whippets
Squishy Puppers
Velvet Hippos
Fluff and sweetness about pitbulls!
Weird Dog Mixes
What's Wrong With Your Dog

Reddit - Cats
Blurry Pictures of Cats
Cats in Business Attire
Cats Named After Food
Cats Who Yell
Orange Cats

Reddit - Other Animals

Reddit - Other Cute Things
Big Ol' Paws
Brushy Brushy
Cats and Dogs BFF
Curled Feetsies
Fancy Feet
Good Boys
Groundie Poundies
Master Returns
Rare Puppers
Slammy Whammies!
Sonar Ears
Tippy Taps

Other Websites
Animal photography from Finland, mainly of mallard ducks.
explore.org live cams
Live camera feeds of anything from service dog puppy cams to aquariums.
petfinder-names on tumblr
Amusing names found on the Petfinder websites. Many different kinds of animals!
Pet of the Day
Potoooooooo or variations of Pot-8-Os (1773 - November 1800) was an 18th-century thoroughbred racehorse who won over 30 races and defeated some of the greatest racehorses of the time. He went on to be a sire. He is best known for the unusual spelling of his name, pronounced 'Potatoes'.
Sunflower Flower Farm Livefeed
Up to 60 baby goats plus their mommas (and some other friends!) are raised here throught the year until they are adopted out to loving homes. Their website has a bunch of live cams up to peek on their daily activities. Here's the farm's youtube page!

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