All of the links contain true crime and/or creepy content. Please use discretion when viewing.

I despise when true crime content creators use humor so all of the links that deal with real crime and victims are made by those who take crime and its victims seriously. There's also A LOT of very popular sources not listed here, but this is a list of content that I like, well known or not.

True Crime Podcasts
Unqualified Reviews
     A great place to get quick reviews on hundreds of true crime podcasts.
     Also on Youtube.
Court Junkie
Canadian True Crime
Into the Dark
Bear Brook
All Crime No Cattle
They Walk Among Us
Already Gone
Generation Why
Once Upon a Crime
True Crime Garage
Women and Crime
Invisible Choir
Forty-Eight Hours Podcast
Evidence Locker
True Crime All the Time / True Crime All the Time Unsolved
Let's Talk About Sects
True Crime Campfire
You're Wrong About
     Not 100% true crime related but has some stories dealing with crime. The DC Sniper episodes were a great listen.

True Crime Youtube Channels
Criminally Listed
     I like this channel a lot, but many people have a problem with the narrator's voice. If it's grating to you, try setting the speed to 1.5x.
David Oranchak's Youtube Channel
     One of the people behind the recent decoding of the Zodiac Killer's 403 code!
JCS - Criminal Psychology
     Has a second channel as well.
Matt Orchard - Crime and Society
     Claims to be a "Jim Can't Swim rip-off" but I personally enjoy his videos more. More commentary and custom content and way less unedited interrogation videos that go on forever.
Scary Mysteries
     The titles for some videos may seem "clickbait-y" but the majority of these videos have solid content.
Truly Criminal
     Just discovered this channel and I'm very shocked that it's not more popular! Great narration, uses news clips and covers quite a few lesser known cases.

Youtube Channels That Cover A Variety of Eerie Topics
Atrocity Guide
     One of my favorite channels on Youtube, period. Extremely well done videos that cover a variety of bizarre topics. All of her content is worth viewing and I get excited whenever I see a new video of her in my feed. :)
Lazy Masquerade
Shrouded Hand
Obsolete Oddity
Fredrik Knudsen
     Home to the famous "Down the Rabbit Hole" videos.
Barely Sociable
Fascinating Horror
Hybrid Librarian
Inside A Mind
Vintage Files
Lutch Green
     A new robot voice every video!
     Mostly iceberg videos.

Creepypasta and ARGs
Ted the Caver
     Often quoted as the "first creepypasta ever". It's a great read and very chilling but ends abruptly.
Ted the Caver - Full Story
     The full story in case the original site goes down.
Ted the Caver - The Dark Somnium
     A very well done reading of the creepypasta. Now with spooky ambient sounds!
Godzilla NES Creepypasta
     Written by Cosbydaf in 2011, it's widely known for being one of the most fleshed out and creative creepypasta ever. Lots of contention on the quality of the ending, however. (I personally wasn't fond on the way it ended but it's grown on me over the years.)
Godzilla NES Creepypasta - Fangame
     A extremely well done fangame of the Godzilla creepypasta! Still in development but demos are available to download. Lots of extra features and the soundtrack is amazing.
Godzilla NES Creepypasta - Fangame Speedrun
     When I first learned of the fangame, I immediately thought, "I hope someone speedruns that game" and lo and behold...
Pale Luna Creepypasta
     I'm not big on creepypasta but this is a great example of a well written story that isn't over the top yet is still disturbing.
     I loved Petscop and I had the experience of following it when it was being updated, which was thrilling (and was full of long waits). I highly recommend watching the series if you love anything involving spooky video games. It's a shame that it's not a real game!
Petscop Comprehensive Progress Document
     A must read if you want (to attempt) to understand Petscop.
Sock Muppet
     Petscop analysis videos.
IceMaster's Petscop Forensics
mmillion's Petscop Page
BEN Drowned - Creepypasta
     HIGHLY recommend reading this and watching the attached videos before continuing the Jadusable saga. I remember reading the very first thread that was posted in /x/ when I was attending college and having nightmares about BEN. That was... fun.
     Channel for the "BEN Drowned" videos and the following ARG, which ended this year. I couldn't follow what was going on in the ARG at all but there's no denying that the videos are extremely well made.
     I hope this creepy video series is still being continued, it's so creative.

Other Websites with Creepy Content
The Lost Media Wiki
Lost Media Archive
Your Ghost Stories
Spooky Tales
Spookinite Valley
Future Timeline
     End of the world scenarios.
Nobody Here
     Not really a creepy website, it's just very odd. However, it's always given me the creeps... probably just me.
The Shadowlands
Linda's Haunted Halloween
A Candy Rose
     A true crime based website that focuses mostly on missing children.
Unidentified Wiki
Unsolved Mysteries
136 Creepy Wikipedia Articles
Imgur Spooky Stash Links
Archived Links to the Tru TV Crime Library
True Crime, Mysteries and Catastrophes

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