All of the links contain creepy and possibly upsetting content. Please use discretion when viewing. I will add trigger warnings whenever I feel they are needed. No jumpscares!

Youtube Channels That Cover A Variety of Eerie Topics
Atrocity Guide (Reddit)
One of my favorite channels on Youtube, period. Extremely well done videos that cover a variety of bizarre topics. All of her content is worth viewing and I get excited whenever I see a new video of her in my feed. :)
Barely Sociable
Cool Riddles
The early videos have a very creepy vibe to them, but now they... don't.
Fascinating Horror
Fredrik Knudsen
Home to the famous "Down the Rabbit Hole" videos.
Harry Evett
Hybrid Librarian
Inside A Mind
Lazy Masquerade
AMAZINGLY well done pixel animations.
Obsolete Oddity
Reigarw Comparisons
My favorite comparision channel, uses a lot of creepy music and covers a lot of natural distasters.
Shrouded Hand
Vintage Files
Your Everyday Theorist

Youtube Videos
The Analog Horror Iceberg Explained (Supercut) (sourcebrew, iceberg chart by metallicstatues)
The lower tiers or layers have a treasure trove of relatively unknown series to check out.
Chicxulub strikes back! Mass extinction in real time (Gwillerm Kaldisti)
Absolutely the scariest video on Youtube. It's a six hour recap of how the meteor that killed off all the dinosaurs would destroy our world now. Very well edited and produced. Try watching it at 2x speed if you get bored. It's also the only video on Youtube with a chat replay worth reading.
The Most Horrifying Audio Recordings Ever Made (Shrouded Hand)
The Story of OldRoot: Minecraft's Strangest Mystery (RetroGamingNow)
A very well done video by RetroGamingNow about a spooky ARG. One of the great things about this video is that RetroGamingNow actually takes the time to explain how the players of the ARG came up with the solutions to the puzzles.
Top 45 Scariest Easter Eggs in Video Games (TatsTopFive)
Who Wants to be a Millionaire Soundtrack (Who Wants to be a Millionaire)
Yeah, it'll always be scary to me... This soundtrack is creepy as fuck, especially as it gets into the last parts.
Yume Nikki - All Events (Rintosi)

Ted the Caver
Often quoted as the "first creepypasta ever". It's a great read and very chilling but ends abruptly.
Ted the Caver - Full Story
The full story in case the original site goes down.
Ted the Caver - The Dark Somnium
A very well done reading of the creepypasta. Now with spooky ambient sounds!

Godzilla NES Creepypasta (Alternative Link)
Written by Cosbydaf in 2011, it's widely known for being one of the most fleshed out and creative creepypasta ever. Lots of contention on the quality of the ending, however. (I personally wasn't fond on the way it ended but it's grown on me over the years.)
Godzilla NES Creepypasta - Fangame
A extremely well done fangame of the Godzilla creepypasta! Still in development but demos are available to download. Lots of extra features and the soundtrack is amazing.
Godzilla NES Creepypasta - Fangame Speedrun
When I first learned of the fangame, I immediately thought, "I hope someone speedruns that game" and lo and behold...

The Backrooms
Pale Luna
I'm not big on creepypasta but this is a great example of a well written story that isn't over the top yet is still disturbing.
Pokemon Black
Pokemon Lost Silver
The Princess
The Rugrats Theory
SCP 261 - Experiment Log 261 Ad De
I'm pretty 'meh' about the vast majority of SCPs but I like this article.
The Theater
A classic creepypasta. For laughs, check out this vintage cr1tikal playthrough of the fangame. Content warning for language, of course. (Jumpscare warning at 2:34.)
Creepypasta Reviews

Iceberg Charts
Creepy and Disturbing VGM (TheGrandFinal)
Creepy Things in the Sims Series (EgonVM)
Creepy Video Game Easter Eggs (@cockroach_chan)
Disturbing Reddit Posts
Super Mario 64 Iceberg (LucasLG)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Iceberg (@SeedyZ_)

ARGs, Analog Horror and Unfiction
I loved Petscop and I had the experience of following it when it was being updated, which was thrilling (and was full of long waits). I highly recommend watching the series if you love anything involving spooky video games. It's a shame that it's not a real game!
Petscop Comprehensive Progress Document
A must read if you want (to attempt) to understand Petscop.
IceMaster's Petscop Forensics
mmillion's Petscop Page
Petscop Wiki
Sock Muppet
Petscop analysis videos.
A fan recreation of the Petscop game!

BEN Drowned - Creepypasta
HIGHLY recommend reading this and watching the attached videos before continuing the Jadusable saga. I remember reading the very first thread that was posted in /x/ when I was attending college and having nightmares about BEN. That was... fun.
Channel for the "BEN Drowned" videos and the following ARG, which ended this year. I couldn't follow what was going on in the ARG at all but there's no denying that the videos are extremely well made.

Catastrophe Crow! ("All Gameplay" Playlist)
Crow64 Known Info Recap (Google Doc) / Github Mirror

"Contingency" is so good.

"What Is Gemini Home Entertainment?" by Inside a Mind

hiimmarymary : Behind the Scenes

Super Mario 64 Beta Archive
Dead project due to creator conflicts (I think?), but I still love watching the "Wing Cap Tower GUI" video. (Loud noises after the second and third playthrough!)

Pokemon Red Rumors ROM Hack - Solving a Cipher

B3313 Wiki
List of Plot Points in B3313
Really cool hack of Super Mario 64 that plays a lot like "Yume Nikki". This game is HUGE and has a lot of hidden areas to discover.

Analog Archives
Random analog horror channels that I enjoy.

12 Keys
There is buried treasure in your city and if your smart enough you can figure out where. American author Byron Preiss buried 12 casques all around america leaving 12 pictures and 12 poems to lead you to the location. 2 have already been found leading the finder receiving expensive gemstones. Come join the hunt at /r/12keys!
Black Stories
Morbid riddles made by redditors.
Creepy Gaming
Internet Mysteries
Non Murder Mysteries
RBI: Reddit Bureau of Investigation
That Evil Farming Game
For years, people have been intrigued by an evil farming game where you kill your wife and have to hide the body from the cops. Here we try to find it! (SOLVED!)
Unexplained Photos

"I Bought a Witches' Prison"
136 Creepy Wikipedia Articles
"2 years ago I posted this strange quilt I'd come across on FB. 2 years later we still don't know what the hell it's trying to tell us…"
Yes, it's a Reddit thread but the mystery started on Facebook. Yes, that is (probably?) peanut butter. Yes, I find this creepy yet funny.
The Best Demon Illustrations of All Time
The Creepiest Urban Legend in Every State
List of Urban Legends on Wikipedia
The Tantalizing Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles
"Urban Legend of Zelda" List on

Websites with Creepy Content
Dark Tourism
The Deep Sea
Disney Lies
End of the world scenarios.
Future Timeline
The Ghost in My Machine
Grimoire of Horror
Halloween Ideas
The Homicidal Homemaker
Spooky yet yummy treats!
Iceberg Charts
If the Moon was Only 1 Pixel...
Imgur Spooky Stash Links
Linda's Haunted Halloween
List of Bizarre or Somewhat Forgotten Video Games
Lost Media Archive
The Lost Media Wiki
The Museum of Unnatural Mystery
Nobody Here
Not really a scary or spooky website, it's just very odd. However, it's always given me the creeps...
Not Awful Underwater Photos
The Shadowlands
Spooky Tales
The Unfavorable Semicircle Wiki
Unsolved Mysteries
Not in connection with the television show. Someone REALLY wants to share recipes in the main forum.
Your Ghost Stories

Reddit Threads, no NSFW labels
What are some good internet rabbit holes to fall into during this time of quarantine?
What's the most interesting "rabbit hole" mystery you've read about?
What do you think is the creepiest/most disturbing unsolved mystery ever?
What unsolved mystery has absolutely no plausible explanation?
What is the strangest mystery that is still unsolved?
What are some internet mysteries that you'd like to see more coverage of?
What are some SOLVED mysteries?
What are some VERY creepy facts?
What is the creepiest thing you've heard someone say?
What photograph isn't really that spectacular, but with the backstory/context it says a whole lot more?
What popular song is actually really creepy when you think about it?
What video or recording is perfectly innocent, but becomes terrifying when you look into the story behind it?
What's something weird/creepy about your town?
Do you think in today's day and age it is really possible for the average person to disappear and start a new life?
What are some strange coincidences to happen on the news?
Whats your favorite mystery that does NOT include murder?

Reddit Threads, NSFW labels
What is a conspiracy theory you actually believe in?
What are some deeply unsettling facts that you know?
Which 4Chan or Reddit thread is the creepiest?
Which creepy urban legend turned out to be true?
What is the scariest theory known to man?

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