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Internet Bumper Stickers - Page up.
404 - Redo.
Aesthetics, Part II - Added the rest of the images I had saved for the anime/manga/video game portion.
09/18/2022 (oops I put "2020" instead of "2022" lol)
Neocities Links - Finally made a page with links to pages I follow on Neocities! Some pages I couldn't find a button or banner and I probably missed some sites, but I'm glad I finally got around to making a proper Neocities neighbor page!
Blinkies - New layout, 150 x 20 buttons are now sorted by color while the other sizes are sorted by width, added even more blinkies. I'm honestly so sick of looking at that messy page so the color sorting isn't exact but it's close enough. Enjoy~
Aesthetics - Page up! Very, very image heavy! More updates for those pages coming soon.
DALLE - Main page updated, moved some pictures into a seperate animal section. Ran out of image slots so I have to wait to get more. Once I upload the "people" and "scenery" pages the DALLE artwork might stay dormant for a while.

About - Added more ideas.
Buttons - Page up!
Arright, new layout up. Got tired of the small text on the previous one and decided to experiment with a different color palette. It's not... perfect, but it'll do.

About - Deleted sources used on previous layout.
Casual Game Recs - Tidied up the links and layout, added a few games and more opinions from yours truly.

About - Added more planned pages that I'll probably never make. We shall see...
Updated the world's worst moodboard webpage and added links to some of the pictures.
Just tidied up the main page a bit. I'm working on a new layout! I have no idea what I'm going to come up with!
Complete redo of the About page in the messiest grid layout.
Made this Update page.
Seperated the DALL-E Artwork page into subpages - "Nature" and "People". Finally figured out how to make it so that you can click on the images for the full view in a new tab.