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I want to start to read more often so I decided to bite the bullet and make a book review page! Except it's mostly just ratings and musings about the book for now, so don't expect a plot synopsis for the novels any time soon. Click on the note icon (that I cannot align correctly ugh) to read my thoughts about the book but be aware that my comments will be SPOILER HEAVY!! The more stars a book has, the less likely it is that I spoil the plot.

Also, Goodreads is owned by Amazon and Amazon fucking sucks, so you can read a summary of the plot on the links that will send you to LibraryThing instead. LibraryThing is my preferred Goodreads alternative but it's such a fucking slog to use that I might change the links in the future.

Anything with a ∞ symbol means that I've read it multiple times.

Newest completed reads are towards the top.

738 Days

Stacey Kade

Completed 01/13/24

Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness

Susannah Cahalan

Completed 12/24/2023

Into the Water

Paula Hawkins

Completed December 2023

I am Not Esther

Fleur Beale

Completed December 2023

No One Belongs Here More Than You

Miranda July

Completed ∞

I'll Fly Away: Further Testimonies from the Women of York Prison

Contributors from the York Correctional Institute and Wally Lamb

Completed ∞

Winter's Bone

Daniel Woodrell

Finished 11/24/2023

The Mars Room

Rachel Kushner

Finished 11/23/2023

Ordinary People

Judith Guest

Did Not Finish


Dark Places

Gillian Flynn

Finished 11/18/2023

Find Her

Lisa Gardner

Finished 11/16/2023

Note: mention of attempted sexual assault in the review

The Woman in the Window

A.J. Finn

Finished 11/12/2023

The Woman Who Walked Into Doors

Roddy Doyle

Finished 11/04/2023

The Life and Loves of a She-Devil

Fay Weldon

Finished 11/01/2023

Crossing the Tracks

Barbara Stuber

Finished 10/28/2023

The Woman Upstairs

Claire Messud

Completed 10/25/2023


Girl in Pieces

Kathleen Glasgow

Completed 10/08/2023

The Visitors

Catherine Burns

Completed October 2023

The Alaskan Laundry

Brendan Jones

Completed October 2022

She's Come Undone

Wally Lamb

Completed ∞

Girl, Interrupted

Susanna Kaysen

Completed ∞

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