I'm always listening to Youtube videos in the background when I'm on my computer and Jerma985 is one of my favorite channels for background noise. But some of his quotes are just so... extremely unhinged, psychopathic even off, especially when the lines are written down out of context.

So here's a list of odd quotes I've heard in the background as I listened to him attempt to complete a game. I'm sure that I've missed a lot of good lines, oops, oh well. The quotes are as accurate as possible but a word or two might be missing. The links are for the complilation videos that I watched - massive thanks to the youtubers that put the clips together!

Casino Inc., Part 1

Casino Inc., Part 2

Cities: Skyline, Part 1

Cities: Skyline, Part 2

Fable II, Part 1

Fable II, Part 2


Game Show Video Games

Infomercials, Part 1

Infomercials, Part 2

Jerma Through the Ages

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Planet Coaster

Public Domain Movie Night, Part 1

Public Domain Movie Night, Part 2

The Simpsons Hit & Run

The Sims 1, Part 1

The Sims 1, Part 2

The Sims 4, Part 1 (McNulty Saga)

The Sims 4, Part 2 (McNulty Saga)

Television Advertisements

The Thing

Wrestling Empire, Part 1

Wrestling Empire, Part 2

Wrestling Empire, Part 3

Wrestling Empire, Part 4

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