Game Reviews

Click the title to see the review! I listed the consoles next to the title of the game in the order that I played the game in. (A good example of this would be in the Chrono Trigger button.) The ❤️ is for positive aspects, 🤍 is for neutral (or neutral-ish?) opinions I have and ❌ is for things I didn't like.

I tried to keep the reviews as spoiler free as possible but the longer ones might have some minor ones poking through.

Feel free to use any of the images or screenshots shown below, just please don't direct link!

Download the game here! The parts I liked/disliked below are exclusive to this hack, not the vanilla FF6 game.

I made the .gifs listed here for my Tumblr back when I had the motivation to make .gifs for fun. Feel free to use, just don't direct link and don't edit out the watermark.

The SSE version is found here!

Download the game here!

If you want to try the game out, check out this fantastic shrine!

I apologize for the quality and questionable content aspect ratio of the screenshots below. I only realized AFTER I uploaded a ton of these to my tumblr that the aspect ratio was kinda (?) off.

These will be for the PSP and PC versions. Obviously some, like the voice acting, will only apply to the PC port. All of the screenshots are from my first Reborn playthrough.

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