I've always adored pixel art and my love for the craft started with video games, particularly games on the SNES. I also have a habit of browsing The Spriters Resource and saving spritesheets that look interesting. Sooo... Here's a LARGE amount of sprites I saved to my PC that I love and wanted to share. I have more sources for sprites on this page over on my Sources page, but the majority of the static sprites are from TSR.

I sorted them by color (as I tend to do when I image dump a bunch of pictures on a page), then by series. None of the series here are mine, obviously, and you can hover your cursor over the sprite to see what series its from - sorry mobile users. I also haven't played all of these games. I have the max-height of these images at 350px. A few sprites, namely the BlazBlue ones, have been scaled down to fit so if a sprite looks blurry right click on it and open the image in a new tab for a better look.

Please don't direct link if you wish to use any of these! Enjoy!

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