Since I ended up with a lot of pretty video game and anime/manga images for the main aesthetic page, I decided to move those images here. I tried yet again to sort the images by color but it's not perfect. Hover over the image to see what series it came from! These images are all official artwork/scans/screenshots or screenshots from my own gameplay. I haven't played all the games listed on this page but I've played most of them.

Any .gifs with the "thenightrune" watermark on it was created by me for Tumblr. I don't mind if you use any of the .gifs that I made shown here, just please don't edit out the watermark out of the image!

Almost all of the sailor moon screenshots are from the excellent website Sailor Soapbox, please check that page out if you want more high quality screenshots! The screenshots I posted her are kinda blurry because I guess I ran them through Waifu2x on the wrong settings.

Any Skyrim screenshot or .gif is heavily modded (as it's from my gameplay and I tend to hoard mods and play until the game breaks) - if a mod is the focus of the .gif I will list it but it might not be availible for Special Edition since most of the Skyrim .gifs were made before that came out.

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