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cottagecore, mori style fashion, dark green colors, rainy days, dense forests, heavy snow, abandoned buildings covered in overgrowth, overcast and gloomy skies, hidden paths, quaint houses and apartments (that look affordable!), autumn, hyacinthus and honeysuckle and clovers, no mowed lawns! muted colors, treehouses, fog, elderly animals, lots and lots of sunflowers, empty roads, beaches in winter, quiet cities, witches and wizards, beautiful gowns, gothic elegance, charming pixel art, beautiful overgrown trees, old libraries, simple yet cute artwork, angels and their wings, brave knights in elaborate armor --

None of these images are mine, click on the photo to view in the original size. Sources are listed by hovering over the image, if i could find it. Save what you want but no direct linking! And please enjoy.

Video Game, Manga and Anime Aesthetics

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