I originally made a Neocities account for some reason or another, thinking I would never get around to actually making a webpage. Then the pandemic hit and I started messing around with this site, trying to relearn basic HTML that I knew back in my high school days. Now it's a pretty... messy host to a web link directory but I plan on adding more personal pages in the future.

The name "Amriel" is actually the name of one of my Skyrim original characters, a Bosmer archer.

This is the third layout that I've made for this site and despite the simple color scheme I'm pleased about how it came out. Besides, I can always change the colors later. Took me forever to figure out how to make the iFrame function so, as always, the coding is probably quite sloppy. HUGE shoutout and thanks to sadgrl's iFrame code, it helped a lot with this layout!

Wanna see what I have planned for this site? Check out my To-Do list for this website at my Listography!